How To Pack Your OOTD’S During Summer Travels

Traveling? Super fun! Packing your suitcase? Not so much. Ladies, admit it. We all need at least 15 outfits to survive a 3-day, 2-night trip. And did I mention a selection of shoes, bags and accessories? And yes- let’s not forget makeup, skincare and sanitary supplies too. So the question still remains, how do you really fit in your whole closet in a 20-kilogram piece of suitcase?

These travel packing hacks are great for you:

#1: Plan your outfits
Number 1 and probably the most important part is to plan what you’re going to wear for the duration of your trip. Planning doesn’t only allow you to pack smart, it saves you time and energy on selecting your outfit one by one during your trip.

#2: Use packing cubes
Packing cubes serve as your instant travel drawers while on a holiday. It helps you sort and organize your items according to type. You can easily pack your accessories, gadgets or toiletries without having to worry about forgetting where you actually placed them. Again, it saves you time and keeps your suitcase neat and tidy.

#3: Roll vs. Fold
It’s an old-age debate of which is actually better for packing. The answer is roll and fold. Rolling is great for thinner pieces of clothing like shirts and dresses as it saves space and helps make the clothes wrinkle-free. However for bulkier items such as sweaters, it is best to fold them rather than to roll.

#4: Travel-sized everything
Toiletries can sometimes take a lot of space in our suitcase. The best solution? Bring travel-sized products or transfer everything you need into travel-sized bottles. This way, you get to bring all your beauty essentials with you on your trip without sacrificing to leave behind your favorite hand cream or hair styling cream!

#5: Wear bulkier items
Another tip you can try is to actually wear heavier or bulkier items instead of packing them. Got a cute coat you really need to get that perfect OOTD shot? Wear it to the airport, it can get pretty cold anyway. How about those bulky sneakers you just can’t leave behind? Time to flaunt it! However, if it feels uncomfortable to wear, you’ll have to think twice especially if you’re taking a long-haul flight

#6: Weigh It
If you don’t want the hassle of unpacking and repacking again in the middle of the airport just because of an overweight baggage, make sure to weigh your suitcase before actually checking your bags in at the airport. Can you imagine leaving a carefully planned dress behind? Definitely not.

Happy Travelling!!!

Credit:Yugen PR

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