Flaunt the Florals

On a bright day out, I decided to go all out with the colours.

How to put together a lot of colours and still look fabulous.. pick out a jumpsuit with an all over print style it up and strut!


I selected a perfect combination of bright happy colours ranging from yellow to pink, red and blues all blending perfectly well with a white base.


The white base of the jumpsuit from Oasis Fashion, not only contours the body well but accentuates the colours very boldly. The placement and size for the floral print works very well in terms of proportions.


Breaking the burst of colours using colour blocking, is a wonderful green necklace from Charming Charlie and the quirky blue heels from Nine West. They are a very good selection of colours as they compliment all the colours in the print.

I am wearing very light makeup with rosy pink cheeks and a pink lipstick.

Over all it is a good, easy, not very time consuming look to put together. Perfect selection for people who are always on the go and have little time on their hands to perfect a look.



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