How to be Sporty Chic???

Here is the answer! Trending lately is fashion with comfort. 

A pair of perfect bling sports sneakers with a feminine lace knee length summer dress is one way to bring your sporty personality out of its shell. This look was worn to The Elevation Burger foodie event, hence becomes a great choice for a casual understated brunch or lunch option

Keeping the light mood of the day, the colour palette of the look stayed off white and gold, complementing the bright surroundings. The dress from Travels is a great example of the apt summer dress since, the lace makes the ensemble dressed up yet the silhouette keeps it simple and understated. Adding the further casual chic touch, are the sneakers from Matalan. The champagne gold bling on them makes them very classy and the off-white laces compliment the dress brilliantly.


Since the look the a complete light pastel colour palette so far, we have most definitely, got to add a wild pop colour.

A hot pink with red does the trick wonderfully. The triple colour Marla London handbag is the perfect fit because of the pop shades with the white accent and gold buckle.


Once everything is put together it makes a happy summer look which can be creatively styled to look different every time its worn.


Contributed by Shivangi A Gandhi for JWD Fashion

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