Fashionably bright day out !

So since the weather is getting warmer by the hour, we just thought why not use some cool colours to tone it down.

So how does a casual sky grey colour Jumpsuit sound??? Almost there, but still slightly light to grasp a bright day.


Creating a look is all about placing different things together till you strike the right balance.


Layering the sky grey jumpsuit with a lime yellow sheer jacket from Oasis Fashion Dubai was a perfect flow of colour, as it was not very overpowering but added the required amount of brightness to the look to suit a bright sunny day.

Enriching the look, is a bold emerald shade on the neck piece by Charming Charlie and shoes from C wonder. The lime and emerald compliment each other wonderfully and together exude rich vibrance.


What better to complete a casual bohemian chic look than a floral clutch. The floral clutch bag from Cath Kidson is the perfect accessory to a summer day.

20160521_131035   Overall JWD has had a Fashionably bright day out !


Contributed by Shivangi A Gandhi for JWD

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